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5 thoughts on “Q&A Section

  1. We are basically into manufacture of 100% cotton Elastic crepe bandages

    After manufacturing of Cotton Bandages with very high twist ,we Shrink the bandages in water so that we get the Elastic in the bandage and get smoothness along with texture

    Now,we are looking for a Chemical agent which can make the Bandages more Soft and in Good Natural Texture

    The problem what we are facing now is we are using soap oil to soften the bandage but its not upto the mark or its making bandage hard

    We request you to suggest any Chemical that makes the Cotton Bandages very Smooth

    we are using 30 Count 2 play yarn for twisting and 16 count single for weaving

    Hope you come up with some better solution

    • “ondule” is a wavy weaving pattern produced by a special reed (known as ondule reed) that alternately spreads and converges a small group of warp threads. You can find figure of ondule reed in following link

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