Effective Colour Management for Textile Coloration- An instrumental way towards perfection

by:-   Zeeshan Khatri, G Yasin Sheikh, Khan Muhammad Brohi and Aslam A Uqaili

Textile coloration is a process of dyeing and printing textiles by use of colorants that include dyes and pigments. Meeting stringent requirement from Buyer that demands right colour on right time is not a simple task to achieve. The colour produced by the application of either dyes or pigments on textiles must be close matched with reference (standard) provided by buyer. The process of colour matching is a lengthy process and needs many trials to get close match. The colour quantification through instruments helps to cut most of the lead time, however, there is a serious need to manage colour during colour approval stage and coloration process. This paper presents a strategy towards effective colour management by using available instruments and techniques that involve in colour measurement and management systems, trips to control colour intelligently and give way to get closer match to the buyer’s reference in a shortest possible time.

To download full article please click on the following link.



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