Absorbent Compound (Dry Extraction) is a minimum-moisture cleaning method, which is appropriate for all types of carpet. This method consists of applying a dry absorbent cleaning compound to the carpet pile and working the powder through the pile with agitation. The compound attaches to soil particles and is removed through vacuum cleaning. In heavily soiled areas, a pre-conditioner may be applied prior to the application of the absorbent compound for more effective cleaning results.This method should be followed with a periodic extraction method.

Absorbent Pad (Rotary Bonnet) is recognized as minimum-moisture cleaning method, used periodically in combination with an extraction method.This method involves the use of a cotton/rayon/polypropylene
absorbent spin pad. A pre-conditioner is applied to heavily soiled areas. A cleaning solution is applied to the carpet pile and mechanically agitated.The cleaning solution and attached soil particles are absorbed by the rotating absorbent pad.

Dry Foam method uses a cleaning solution that has been aerated before it is applied to the carpet. The solution is whipped into a foam and applied to the pile fiber using a “reel type” brush action employed by a dry foam application machine. Once the foam application is completed, suspended soils and excess foam are extracted by wet vacuuming. Some dry foam machines have their own extraction capabilities, while others require an additional wet vacuuming step to remove suspended soil and the cleaning agent. This method is considered a low-moisture method.

Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning) can be used on all types of carpet. Hot water extraction employs a method of injecting hot water and cleaning solutions with high water pressures. The quantity of solution injection must match the vacuum extraction capability. The solution, soil, and residual moisture must be thoroughly extracted immediately to avoid over wetting the carpet and to reduce drying time.

Rotary Shampoo method can be used on most types of carpet. The shampoo solution is injected through specially designed brushes. Some rotary shampoo systems contain their own extraction capabilities. Others require a separate wet vacuum step to remove suspended soils and the cleaning solution. Most rotary shampoo solutions dry to a crystalline residue that holds the soil in suspension. This residue and soil is removed by dry vacuuming.


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