A number of crucial issue regarding medical products in general and health care and hygiene products in particular have been identified and debated amongst clinical, environmentalists, drug companies, etc. for a long time now. The issues such as natural against chemical or manufactured fibres; disposables against reusable or durable fabrics; antibacterial or anti-microbial fibres against such finishes or coatings for infection control; and method of disposal of clinical waste i.e. landfill against incineration and other forms of medical and clinical waste disposal, are constantly being discussed in most relevant forums and conferences across the globe.

There are pros and cons to using disposable nonwovens and reusable textiles infection control products. The decision-making process often becomes more difficult for healthcare facilities that are trying to reduce both disposal costs and high labour costs related to reprocessing. And when it comes to evaluating the safety and infection control abilities of disposable and reusable products, particularly surgical textiles, there is little consensus on which is better, other than the importance of balancing cost considerations relating to infection prevention issues and the environmental effects.

From the discussion we would be able to say that the argument between disposables and durables for healthcare products will continue and one obvious solution of this argument is the increased and universal usage of biodegradable natural and manufactured fibres and products across the whole spectrum of the products. The recycling or disposal of clinical or medical waste materials poses problems of health and safety and availability and cost of landfill sites and incineration. This problem can be also controlled by using the reusable barrier fabrics with an improved laundry facilities and standards. But at last, “The Choice Depends On Customer”.


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