CO2 technology for water free dyeing………….

CO2 Technology

People are more familiar with the practical uses of carbon dioxide (CO2) than they realize. CO2 is the same stuff that puts the fizz in your soda at every restaurant, and dry ice is nothing more than the solid form of carbon dioxide.

CO2 can exist as a gas, solid, liquid or supercritical fluid, depending on pressure and temperature. We develop applications which use CO2 in its liquid or supercritical states.

As a solvent CO2 has gas-like viscosity and liquid-like density. It’s low surface tension and high diffusivity allow for exceptional penetration and material / particle transportation properties. It’s gentle processing is ideal for delicate or sensitive materials.

CO2 is becoming a key commercial and industrial solvent, largely due to its highly effective solvency powers and low environmental impact. Alternative solvents, such as hazardous chemicals or water, are rapidly being phased out. CO2 is the 21st century solvent.

No new CO2 is generated from our processes. We use CO2 that’s already there – it’s been recaptured from other industrial processes and recycled, so there is zero greenhouse gas effect. CO2 is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, in-exhaustible and inexpensive. It leaves no residues or secondary wastes behind after processing and and has zero potential for soil or groundwater contamination. In most cases process costs are lower than comparable conventional processes.

Our solutions are implemented across the processing spectrum, including the food, pharmaceutical, flavors & fragrances, renewable energies and textiles sectors. Here’s a few of the most exciting successes:

Dyeing Textiles Without Water
The textile industry is believed to be one of the biggest consumers of water. In conventional textile dyeing large amounts of water are used, both in terms of intake of fresh water and disposal of waste water. On average an estimated 11 – 14 gallons of, otherwise drinkable, water is needed to process 1 lb of textile. FeyeCon, together with partners, developed a process to dye textiles with CO2. It’s a completely water-free dyeing process with considerably lower operational costs compared to conventional dyeing processes.
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Fast Diagnoses Without Toxic Solvents
In medicine certain diseases are detectable only through the sampling and testing of tissue. Conventional tissue processing techniques rely on the use of toxic chemicals and is an overnight process. FeyeCon developed a process that eliminates the need for hazardous chemicals and processes quick enough for same-day diagnosis. Laboratory staff are not exposed to toxic chemicals, no hazardous wastes are produced, laboratory efficiency is increased and patients get fast results – unprecedented improvements in histological processing.
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Clean Clothes, Clean Environment
Cleaning clothes, professional garments and other textile are traditionally water and/or chemical intense. “Eco friendly” and “organic” cleaning solutions have been marketed recently, none of them however are truly sustainable. Together with partners FeyeCon has developed the next generation of fabric and textile cleaning methods that use liquid CO2 as a cleaning solvent. Washing is gentle and requires no heat (to wash or dry), which translates into longer lasting garments. No water, no toxic chemicals – just clean clothes.
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