Merchandising in Garmenting

Merchandise means goods bought and sold; and trading of goods. Merchandising is an activity of selling and promoting the goods.

Merchandiser is a person who interacts with the buyer and seller, and also puts efforts into proper relation between buying offices/ buying agents/ agency and seller/ exporter in terms of executing an order.

A garment export unit generally has many departments like stores, cutting, production, packing, checking etc. Merchandising department is the star of the department among all the working departments in the Export concern, because Merchandising is the only department having maximum control over the departments and total responsible for Profit and loss of the company.

The job of a merchandiser is to co-ordinate with the entire department in the office as well as the customers. Merchandiser meets the buyers and collects the details of their requirements etc., to develop the relationship with the customer.

Objects of Merchandising

Merchandising denotes all the planned activities to execute and dispatch the merchandise on time, taking into consideration of the 4 Rs to replenish the customer.

  • Right Quantity: To dispatch right quantity of product what buyer ordered.
  • Right Quality: It should be with right quality as accepted both parties.
  • Right Cost: Everybody wants more from what they are paid.
  • Right Time: No one wants to wait idle even in a Restaurant. Keeping delivery schedule is mandatory.
  • Planning Capability: Merchandiser should be capable of planning, based on the planning the order is to be followed. If the planning is not done properly it will directly affect the delivery time of the order.
  • Decision making: For a Merchandiser, decision making power is most important. He should think about the decision to be taken and to act in a right way.
  • Communication Skill: The communication is very much important to promote the business activity. The merchandiser should remember that communication must be lurid and should having face to face conversation with the buyer.
  • Loyalty: Loyalty is an essential character of human beings. Especially for the business people like merchandiser it is a must.
  • Knowledge about the field: Merchandiser should have adequate knowledge about the garments, Computer knowledge, and technical knowledge to communicate with different people in the business is a must.
  • Co-ordinate & Co-operate: Merchandiser is the person who is actually co-ordinate with the number of departments. To Co-ordinate with different people in the industry he should be co- operative.
  • Monitoring ability: Merchandiser should monitor to expedite the orders.
  • Other qualities: Education, Experience, Situational Management, Ability to Evaluate, Dedication, Knowledge of expediting procedures.

Function of Merchandisers

  1. Developing new samples, execute sample orders
  2. Costing
  3. Programming
  4. Raw materials / Accessories arrangement
  5. Production scheduling (or) route card drafting
  6. Approval of various Process, Pattern and size set
  7. Pre production follow up
  8. Meet Inspection Agencies
  9. Production controlling
  10. Identifying shortages and make arrangement for the shortages
  11. Following quality assurance procedures, quality control procedures
  12. Monitoring the in-house, sub-contractors and junior activities
  13. Buyer communication
  14. Communication with sub-contractors, processing units & other 3rd parties
  15. Proper reporting
  16. Highlighting to the management
  17. Record maintenance
  18. Developing samples
  19. Placement of orders to suppliers
  20. Taking measures for consistent production
  21. Taking preventive action to maintain the targeted performance in all areas of activities
  22. Attending meeting with superiors and furnishing the required details about merchandising

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