Choosing the best package variable

The variables in package construction are :

a) Cone taper

The steeper the cone taper the greater the freedom of yarn withdrawal and therefore a reduced tendencies to peak tension. But as the cone angle is increased there is a strong possibility of slough off at high unwinding speed  So proper selection of taper must be made for the end use.

e.g. In knitting the winding speed is slow .and uniform and yarn should be capable of being unwound at low tension. Hence a steeper cone angle may be suitable.

For selecting best taper, cones with different taper should be wound and should be unwound under similar conditions as it s end use the taper that gives minimum stops due to slough off and peak tension is the best paper for that end use.

B: Package length and diameter:-

For optimum continuity of yarn supply in the subsequent process to winder one would think to go for longer package with grater diameter. so tests are conducted in which packages are wound with different package length and diameter combinations. they are then unwound under similar conditions of the subsequent process and the unwinding characteristics is studied. The package length and diameter range(empty PKG to full PKG) that gives the best unwinding characteristics such as uniform unwinding tension,minimum tension picks, slough off should be selected.

C:-winds per(single) traverse.:

The characteristic of package mainly by the change in winds per double traverse are:

1package density

2:package stability and characteristics such as tension peaks,slough off etc.

the no of winds per single traverse for a given package length decides angle of wind with law wind the angle is more and visa versa. Low wind means less coils in each layer.

In winding a dye package few wind is used to get openness required for easier and free flow of dye liquid.

For knitting purpose relatively low wind should be used. low wind gives higher coil angle and the degree of yarn across face of package is minimized so yarn unwinding at low tension becomes possible.


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