Wood Fibres

Lumber from eco-friendly managed forests in the Americas are processed through an electrolysis process which separates the Wood fiber from oil and sugar. The result is
100% pure and natural Wood Fiber which contain no additive and chemicals.


Because Wood Fiber is an all natural material, Wood Fiber products contain many of the natural characteristics of Wood in nature.

SMOOTH AS SILK These silky Fibers are the finest we have seen in a long time. It looks and feels like silk but washes and wears like cotton!

STATIC-FREE Wood-Fiber products are static free because it is 100% pure fiber and contains no chemical impurities.

ECO-FRIENDLY/ DETERGENT FREE Made entirely from the wood of sustainably harvested forests

Wood-Fiber is an eco-friendly alternative to the cotton industry. Using a process that continuously recycles 99.6% of the bleach-free solvent and the water used to make this fiber makes this product Eco-friendly and Nature Loving.

Wood Fiber are so silky smooth that dusts just falls off its surface. Detergent is not required and not recommended to clean it. Just gently rinse/ machine wash and tumble dry. Easiest cleaning instructions ever.image

ALLERGEN-FREE & DERMATOLOGICAL FRIENDLY Did you know that your bedding/towels may behosting millions of dust mites/allergen? If you suffer from burning eyes, a runny nose, and morning headaches you may have these tiny creatures and the allergen in their feces invading your bathroom. The allergen thrives in warm moist environments such as mattresses, pillows, face/bath towels and causes allergic reactions when inhaled. What is an Allergic ? An Allergy is your body’s reaction to certain substances. Different people have different tolerance towards the allergens. For allergic people only a small amount of allergens can cause the various symptoms above.Wood fiber products are 100% pure fibers without the sugar or oil. As a result bacterias do not multiply in Wood Fiber products. Together with the fact that Wood Fiber is all natural it is dermatologically friendly and suitable for allergy prone people.

SMELL-FREE Wood Fiber products are Smell resistant because it is resistant to smell causing bacterias.

HIGHLY ABSORBANT Wood-Fiber absorbs moisture, water, sweat and oil better than cotton. Products made from Wood Fiber such as socks are extremely breathable and does not trap moisture in the feet. This prevents many foot related diseases
and smell.


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