Corn Fibers

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CORN fiber has similar characteristics to polyester staple fiber and has the luster of silk, meanwhile its moisture regain surpass polyester, so the fabric made of it is much comfortable. Although the PLA fiber is not inflammable, it has the character of low flammability and smoke eneration ; its flexibility and curl recovery is very good so the
fabric has good shape retention and anti-crease, it has excellent and touch and drape, good dyeability and it can be dyed with dispersion dyes under normal pressure, and it has the character of excellent anti-to fade in color and unaffected by UV light.

Environmental protection: The Corn fiber is produced by the Poly lactic Acid (PLA) which is fermented from the corn amylum. The fiber comes from natural renewable resources, it is the blended fiber and not made of petro chemicals. It can be recycled into fertilizer and decomposable. It has low CO2 and CO emission from burning. Hence it is an environmental material od the 21st Century.

The advantage of Corn fiber:

  • high melt point,
  • high crystallization degree and good clarity.
  • The fiber also has the high strength which is same as normal poly fiber, so its use is very abroad.
  • The Corn fiber has the characteristics of lustrious silk , has excellent hand touch and brightness and so on.

The disadvantage of Corn fiber:

  • the Corn fiber textiles is too rigid and frail.

Corn fiber is a kind of yogurt polymer. It is tested that Corn knitted fabric will not stimulate skin, and it is beneficialt and comfortable to wear. Corn fiber has excellent drape, slippery, moisture regain and air permeability, and good heat resistance and unaffected by UV light, and it has full lustre and elasticity.


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