Carbon Fiber (Bamboo Charcoal)

Wove by Carbon fiber yarn, Used as Fireproof cloth, like as against for welding fire in Shipbuilding Line, the cloth are long lasting, and very safe to human skin, can replace other fireproof cloth, include glass fiber cloth, ceramic fiber cloth and asbestos fiber cloth. Bamboo charcoal yarn is produced by bamboo charcoal fiber. The bamboo charcoal fiber is one of the common fibers, each fiber is with honeycomb paths and these paths run through from inside to outside. This design can put the function of bamboo charcoal into full play. This fiber is an innovation of textile material.image


Anion Generator: Bamboo Charcoal Fiber can release 2600 anions per cm3. As we know, anions are very helpful for our health, for example, activating our cells of body, purifying our blood, free from tiredness, calming vegetative nervous system, improving allergic constitution, etc. 82% negative ions can be absorbed by our skin, so it is a good option to increase anions for health improvement by using Bamboo Charcoal fiber textiles.

  • High ability of absorption and deodorization Moisture Management
  • Bacteria and mildew resistant.
  • Absorb moisture, quick dry,
  • breathe freelyGood
  • Anti-pilling and Anti-fuzzing

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