Bamboo Fibers


Bamboo fiber is a new type of green environmentally friendly product. Through a process of hydrolysis-alkalization and multi-phase bleaching, starchy pulp is refined from Bamboo. Repeated technological analysis has proved that this kind of fiber has thinness and whiteness close to finely bleached viscose and has a strong durability, stability and tenacity. With no chemical additives and fine bright color, it has five main functions: Moisture Absorption and Air Permeability, Natural Health Protection, Antisepsis and Deodorization, Reducing Radiation, and Suppleness and Smoothness.

Bamboo Fiber has properties of soft hand, good hygroscopicity and is vetilatory, cool and bright lustre. It has a good wearability and natural antibiotic and bacteriostasis for Colon
bacillus and golden staphylococcus. Since it is full of oval cavity fiber; It is easy to absorb and evaporate moisture and feels cool. Bamboo Fiber is an important raw material of
sumer knitting cloth and inside cloth.

The bamboo fiber yarn and face fabric developed by our company in 2002 utilize the bamboo growing widely in China as the raw material. It is an extracted and regenerative cellulose fiber after a special Hi-Tech treatment. The products are received a welcome by consumers in Japan and the countries of America and Europe quickly after they are put
into the market.

Characteristics of the Fiber:

  • Soft and hand feeling,
  • wear resistance,
  • bright luster,
  • good absorbent quality,
  • air permeability,
  • velour feeling.
  • It has the unique function of antibacterial, bacteriostasis and antiultraviolet.

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