Fibre Dynamics in the Revolving-Flats Card

Over the last 30 years numerous developments have taken place with the cotton card. The production rate has risen by a factor of 5 with the main rotating components running at significantly higher speeds. Triple taker-in rollers and modified feed systems are in use, additional carding segments are fitted for more effective fibre opening, and improved wire clothing profiles have been developed for a better carding action. Advances in electronics have provided much improved monitoring and process control. Most of these developments have resulted in enhanced cleaning of cotton fibres, reduced neppiness of the card web and better sliver uniformity.

Despite the various improvements made to the card a commonly held view is that more is known about the cleaning processes on the card than about the carding process itself . For instance, modern cards can achieve an overall cleaning efficiency of 95%. It is well established that the cleaning efficiency of modern taker-in systems is a round 30%, that the cylinder/flats action with the latest wire clothing profiles gives 90% cleaning efficiency and that effective cleaning is associated with lower neps in the card web ……

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