Feature based 3D garment design through 2D sketches

Charlie C.L.Wang* Yu Wang Matthew M.F.Yuen
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,
Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong


This paper presents a new approach for intuitively modelling a 3D garment around a 3D human model by 2D
sketches input. Our approach is feature based – every human model has pre-defined features, and the
constructed garments are related to the features on human models. Firstly, a feature template for creating a
customized 3D garment is defined according to the features on a human model; secondly, the profiles of the 3D
garment are specified through 2D sketches; finally, a smooth mesh surface interpolating the specified profiles is
constructed by a modified variational subdivision scheme. The result mesh surface can be cut and flattened into
2D patterns to be manufactured. Our approach provides a 3D design tool to create garment patterns directly in
the 3D space through 2D strokes, which is a characteristic not available in other computer aided garment design
systems. The constructed garment patterns are related to the features on a human model, so the patterns can be
regenerated automatically when creating the same style of garment for other human models. Our technique can
greatly improve the efficiency and the quality of pattern making in the garment industry.

Keywords: sketched input, 2D strokes, 3D design, computer-aided design, garment industry

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