Spider Silk

  • Abstract

Pound for pound, spider silk is the toughest fibre in the world—rivalling even steel.spider silk is also known as “gossamer”. A single spider can produce up to seven different varieties of silk. Some are stiff and strong, acting like girders to hold up a web. Others are extremely elastic or sticky to entangle prey. strength in combination with elasticity makes spider silk amazing.
Some things about spider silk are difficult to understand.The genetic code for one of the more perplexing types of silk—the strands spiders use to weave their egg cases. Each case must be tough enough to keep out parasites, impermeable to rain and fungus, and breathable while insulating eggs from temperature extremes. These qualities alone would make an impressive fabric.The egg cases may even block ultraviolet light and, unlike certain kinds of spider silk, resist shrinkage.
Knowing the protein structure and how a spider’s spinneret works helps the scientists to create synthetic artificial silk. Synthetic proteins are currently being produced in a variety of genetically altered organisms, and companies and universities alike are investigating spinning processes.

Download full document @ Spider Silk


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