Introduction to textile fibers

The word ―Textile‖ comes from Latin word textile, and the French word, texture. Which mean “pertaining to weaving of the woven fabrics, woven or capable of being woven; formed by weaving; that which may be woven; a woven fabric.” Hence the textiles are the materials that can be converted into yarn and fabrics of any nature or character. Technically they must be of spin able length. Then only one can be into span yarn. In a broad sense textiles is used for various types of matters- natural or manmade, forming basic elements of textile fabrics and other textile structure.

Fiber” can be defined as ―one of the delicate, bare like portion of the tissues of a plant or animal.

Technologists have defined the term “textile fibers” as ―those fibers which can be spun into a yarn or made into a fabric by interlacing or interloping in a verity of machines including weaving, knitting, brading, felting, bonding, etc.”


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